Friday, July 01, 2005

Elo big SAW screens for kiosks and interactive digital signs

Not sure if this is one of those things that should be listed under "kiosks" or "digital signage," since it's really a combination of both. While large touchscreens from NextWindow and SMART Technologies have been available for a while, touchscreen market leader Elo is entering the fray with a 32" version of their popular surface acoustic wave (SAW) screen. Here's the lowdown from thomasnet:

"Supplied as clip-on frame, IntelliTouch 32 in. surface-wave touchscreen is composed of pure glass and has no plastic or metallic coatings. Product provides 92% light transmission and 4,095 x 4,095 touchpoint resolution. Along with point-of-information kiosk displays and interactive digital signage, applications include gaming machines, centralized monitoring in medical and industrial industries, as well as conference room and exhibition center displays.

"According to Lung, many Elo customers believe bigger is better when it comes to getting their message across, and Elo is receiving more and more inquiries for large plasma and flat screens of 30" and above. “We currently have customers using our 42" and 50" touchscreens to display interactive advertisements, in electronic whiteboards for corporate presentations, and in universities and TV studios,” confirms Lung. “The demand is out there and Elo is well positioned to respond to it.”"

You can read the rest of the press release here.

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