Friday, September 16, 2005

3M touchscreens merge kiosk and digital signage functionality

The battle between large form factor touch screen vendors, previously contested by industry-leader Elo and smaller firms SMART Technologies and NextWindow, is further heating up with the announcement of new overlays from 3M TouchSystems. As KioskMarketplace tells us:

The result of extensive research and development, the 32-inch ClearTek II touchscreen is designed specifically to meet the stringent physical and functional requirements of large format, portrait-mode slot machines and complements the recently announced 40-inch Dispersive Signal Technology product as another ideal solution for the emerging large-format digital signage needs of casinos. The optimized optics of ClearTek II, "smoother-than-glass" touch sensation, extreme reliability and high endurance are the critical features with which this large format touchscreen is built.

"Our large-format touch solutions continue 3M's strong tradition of innovation," said Larry Loerch, global marketing manager for 3M Touch Systems. "These large-format offerings are ideally suited to satisfy the needs of casino managers — both on hospitality applications for interactive signage and point of information, and gaming applications for emerging slot machine designs — while delivering easy integration and more flexibility in order to enable creative applications."

The line between kiosks and digital signage continues to blur, thanks to these types of cross-over technologies.

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