Friday, September 09, 2005

Ambient Media upgrades digital signage platform

PRWeb is carrying this press release on digital signage network provider Ambient Media. Here's a clip:

"Ambient Media Inc. today announced a major upgrade of its Ambient Scheduling and Distribution System™ (ASDS). ASDS delivers broadcast quality video and audio over terrestrial and satellite-based networks. Used with the Ambient Media Player™ (AMP), ASDS provides for the dynamic scheduling and delivery of visually appealing information directly to consumers on many types of digital displays.

"'The latest release of our Ambient Scheduling and Distribution System enhances our ability to deliver high quality digital media over our networks and those of our clients and partners,' said Chantel Renee, Ambient’s SVP of Business Development. 'The ASDS gives our producers the flexibility to program a variety of media for playback on any digital display, including archived and live streaming Web content.'

"When first released in 2001, the Ambient Scheduling and Distribution System was used exclusively by Ambient Media Inc. to manage the programming of its growing community network. Subsequent upgrades to both the ASDS and AMP provided more robust scheduling, distribution and playback features, including the ability to include both archived and live streaming Web content. In 2003, Ambient entered the network provider space, making the ASDS and AMP available to strategic partners and other organizations. Today, Ambient’s unique narrowcasting system delivers information, entertainment, and marketing and promotional messages to hundreds of thousands of viewers each day."

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