Friday, September 09, 2005

Asda set to deploy in-store TV rollout

UK retailer Asda has been trialing an in-store television network for close to a year now, and has found that it generates about a 10% sales lift for advertised products. Consequently, it is currently preparing to expand its network from the early trial locations out to the remaining 250 stores or so. However, success is far from ensured, as this article at BrandRepublic points out:

"Rival Tesco has already been hit by problems. It originally intended to install Tesco TV in more than 300 stores when it unveiled its rate-card in mid-2004, but this stalled at about 100.

"Tesco has also been forced to lower revenue expectations as advertisers stayed away, resulting in it slashing its rate-card by 30% at the start of the year.

"The rollout of Asda Live was initially due to be announced in June, but a loss in the retailer's market share and several changes in senior personnel are believed to have held up plans."

I recommend you check out the rest of that article!

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