Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Avanti analyzes the digital signage industry

British digital signage company Avanti Screenmedia says a number of things in their latest research on the industry, including their argument for while the medium should be called "screenmedia" (because, yeah, another name is exactly what we need ;)

Still, as aka.tv notes, they have some interesting points to make, and as one of the most successful digital signage firms in the U.K. For example:

"Avanti found a high level of commitment to the medium among media buyers, for example, with 77 percent of those it consulted through a questionnaire stating that they expect to buy screenmedia airtime in the future. Among those handling young-adult brands, slightly more – 85 percent – expected to use screenmedia.

"In terms of different location types, the buyers said that bars were well understood and researched, and that it was also well understood how screenmedia could add value in retail. Malls and gyms scored far lower, although almost half of media buyers expected to buy gym airtime in the future.

The rest of the article is a good read, as I'm sure is the report itself, though I don't think it's in wide circulation just yet.

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