Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Coming soon to a bar near you: digital signage holograms

As reported in the Retail Bulletin:

"A new advertising medium, ColoHolo, which is a three-dimensional full-colour hologram, will now appear in approximately 40 Punch Tavern pubs across the greater London area and Central Region, offering advertisers a new and interactive way to reach pub goers.

"In this unique venture, ColourHolographic, the company that created these holograms and Punch Tavern Pubs, who owns 8,400 pubs throughout the UK, will offer two holographic sites at each participating pub for advertising space rental...

"Unlike wall posters or banners promoting the latest beer special, ColoHolo can include movement. By integrating 70 frames of video per hologram, each ColoHolo can show up to three seconds of film footage."
Three seconds isn't very much, but in reality the entire purpose of these devices is to catch the eye, not to necessarily make a long-winded brand argument :)

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