Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Color e-paper to drive next generation digital advertising displays

According to this article in Austrailan IT, color electronic paper from Fujitsu should be on the market in 18 months, and available in prototype batches even earlier than that:

The price would eventually fall so it could replace "practically any form of signage or paper-based documents, even potentially shelf labels", he said.

The new centre displays emerging digital media systems, from digital kiosks and dynamic point-of-sale displays to transport information systems and corporate communications systems.

[Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand chief executive Rod Vawdrey] said digital media technology would change the way organisations targeted, and communicated with, customers.

"Fujitsu's digital media systems enable companies to connect with customers at the point of sale to offer targeted promotions and information that can influence their buying decision," he said.

"Content can be tailored for each location and presented via a range of intelligent display devices, including interactive kiosks, television screens, dynamic signage, mobile phones and even radio frequency identification trolleys being developed for our leading supermarkets."

So, the arguments are the same as for any other form of digital advertising, like interactive kiosks and digital signage... only the physical medium is different (and potentially much cheaper).

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