Thursday, December 29, 2005

Digital signage firm Limelight renames itself Impart

According to aka and others:

Limelight Media Group yesterday said it was renaming itself Impart Media Group in order “to capitalize on the name recognition and goodwill established since 1984 by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Impart, Inc.”.

In effect, the company appears to believe that the Impart brand is stronger than the Limelight one; Impart has had more than 2400 clients in its two decades of existence.

They also upped the ante with a reverse stock split, completing the shell-merger + ailing company acquisition + reverse split trifecta. Limelight was originally a digitial signage software firm, but later got into the business of building and owning networks. Given the cost of deploying a digital signage network nowadays, the reverse split was likely done to make them a more palatable option for institutional investors.

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