Monday, December 19, 2005

VM+SD releases In-Store Digital Media Survey

VM+SD has released a very interesting survey on the current buying habits of retailers with regard to digital signage networks and other implementations of in-store digital media. They conclude that,

The educational curve for [in-store digital signage] ISDM is speeding up. Convergent's Hutcheson said he's moved from introducing retailers to the benefits of ISDM to explaining how retailers can bring it into their stores.

"They get it now, but they're scared to death on how to do it," he says. "Digital signage is not just TV screens in a store. It's a content-managed network with highly customized content."

As the price of equipment continues to drop, and more retailers become comfortable using this latest technology in their store environments, the sky's the limit on how ISDM will alter the retail landscape.

The survey is very interesting, and highlights the need to feed the network with valuable content in order for it to deliver its maximum benefit.

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