Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hughes gets into the digital signage business

Because there simply aren't enough companies involved in digital signage systems yet, "Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) today announced its Managed Digital Signage Service, the first of several new services planned in 2006 under the company's Digital Media Services umbrella. This offering will facilitate the trend in the retail industry towards increased use of electronic in-store branding and promotion," according to this press release.

Satellite providers have increasingly been getting involved in digital signage, as it's one of the few new applications that can really take advantage of IP multicasting, which is a hallmark of satellite-based data distribution systems. Hughes is really going whole-hog, though, as their managed system will include:

* Installation and operation of the entire in-store media network;
* Provisioning of high-definition video screens;
* Media optimization and resolution reformatting; and
* Playback affidavits.
They haven't announced any customers for the new service yet, but claim to be running the networks of several large players in Europe already.

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