Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sainsbury's to expand digital signage network

Unlike the previous article about Tesco halting their digital signage network expansion, UK retailer Sainsbury's plans to expand their existing 140-store network:

The network, which is operated by Firebrand Media, has generated market-beating sales uplifts for brands tested, delivering an average sales increase of 20% on advertised brands. Confidence in the performance of the network is such that the screens are now being extended to the Sainsbury’s Local fascia, focusing initially on London stores in particular.

Dipo Oyewole, Firebrand Media’s Commercial Director, explained the basis for this offer: “As the only in-store TV network within the grocery sector that has been extensively rolled out, and which continues to grow, the extension of the network to London and the South-East will further cement our appeal to advertisers planning national campaigns. In terms of our performance, we have raised our internal targets, and now target 20% sales increases as a performance level that we would like all brands to achieve, although it should also be remembered that a sales increase of 10% would be regarded as extremely credible in almost any other marketing context, whether relating to in-store or traditional above-the-line activity.”
Especially cool is the 20% sales increases, if that really is the case. But I've heard a lot of similar numbers from customers who use the same model of advertising products sold in store.

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