Wednesday, February 01, 2006

LSI and 3M Digital Signage form partnership

According to this press release,

3M Digital Signage addresses the foremost issues of companies considering digital signage: network and provider accountability. Together, 3M and LSI bring established track records of adapting new technologies for increasingly complex brand-building and communication challenges.

A menu of capabilities include:

  • Pilot planning, research design and execution to validate and optimize network return-on-investment
  • Network design and project management, including hardware procurement, installation and systems integration, and hardware management programs
  • Command and control services including content hosting, scheduling and playback with proof-of-run reporting; network monitoring, diagnostic reporting, and maintenance and support programs
  • Content consulting led by Human Factors Ph.D.s, original content creation and re-purposing of existing digital assets, and easy-to-use content management software

Considering the cost and complexity of deploying a digital signage network, I can certainly see a value in this type of relationship. In reality, though, once LSI has a few deployments under their belt, it would make sense for them to generalize their offerings and partner with other vendors.

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