Friday, January 06, 2006

Target deploys in-store TV network

The In-Store Marketing Institute is carrying this article about Target's deployment of Channel Red, a new three-channel digital signage network being deployed to their 1,400 stores. They claim that:

Content on all screens includes a heavy rotation of the chain's media advertising along with what appears to be customized imagery. Screens in the music and video sections air trailers and spots for new releases. Screens above videogame displays run ad messages and samples of new titles. The TV wall runs ads from brands sold in the electronics department and image spots highlighting Target's community activities.


Unlike most other recent in-store TV deployments, Target is managing the network in-house -- which befits its overall strategy of maintaining full control of the store environment.
Interesting point. Does this signify the beginning of an age where retail stores are also media destinations, or is that just too far away from their current model for them to accept?

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