Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clarity debuts new digital signage press release

Um, I mean, digital signage software package. But when you start using overly-poetic superlative statements like they do in this press release, I have to poke some fun. I apparently also need to tell all of my large customers to stop using FireCast, since apparently only Coolsign can support big networks of digital signs:

CoolSign 3.0 excels over competitive digital signage systems in two ways: its network scalability -- it readily handles networks with hundreds or more nodes; and its specific features -- a powerful system architecture and content display and management engine, and the ability to integrate dynamic data. "In these two ways, CoolSign 3.0 is the only digital signage offering on the market today capable of supporting large enterprises, and accommodating their growth in order to remain competitive," said Kris Gorriaran, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Clarity Visual Systems. (my emphasis added)
I'm not going to even get into how ridiculous that statement is. I don't know why you'd actually want to read the rest of the PR, but it's linked above.

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