Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Digital signage firm IMPART acquires out-of-home advertiser InTransit Media

From this news release:

IMPART Media Group, Inc., an innovator in the content, creation and management of out-of-home digital advertising and information networks, today announced that it has purchased all assets of Marlin Capital Partners II, LLC d/b/a InTransit Media, a privately-held advertising and marketing services company located in Pompano Beach, Florida and New York City. Included in the asset purchase are the exclusive rights to provide digital signage and out-of-home digital advertising services for the PATHVision digital network. The PATHVision system includes more than 277 displays throughout 13 transit stations in New York City and New Jersey that provide advertisements and informational spots for travelers. IMPART Media Group, Inc. (IMPART), will continue to market the PATHVision system under the InTransit Media name, as it continues the rapid expansion of its travel network strategy.
I was going to say so that's what they did with the $6M working capital line of credit they announced recently, but then I read this paragraph:
[T]he InTransit team was so impressed with IMPART and its market opportunities, that it recommended that Marlin Capital managing partner Mike Brauser, make an investment in IMPART by taking stock in lieu of cash for the majority of the purchase price in the transaction -- a true testament to the merits of a successful negotiation and trust in the abilities of each partner.
Interesting approach, though I have to wonder if that indicates something other than a super-awesome-wonderful collaboration between these two digital signage firms.

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