Thursday, June 08, 2006

Teracom Partners with WEGENER to Provide Digital Signage Solutions

Who, you ask? Well, if you're asking about Teracom, they're basically Sweden's local equivalent of ClearChannel. Their PR blurb reads:
Teracom is Sweden's first media operator, offering various communications channels for radio, TV, Internet and downloading of audio and video. Their aim is to ensure that people have access to a diversity of media services, irrespective of time or place. The Group also includes subsidiaries that offer supplementary services and products. The Teracom Group has annual sales of about SEK 2.7 billion, with some 650 employees.
Of course, if you're asking about Wegener Communications, they're an Atlanta-based company that focuses on set-top-boxes and video-over-IP delivery and distribution systems. While it's only tangentially related to digital signage at best, like everybody else on the planet, they've felt the need to enter the market. Of course, they're no start-up company, either:
WEGENER (Wegener Communications, Inc.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wegener Corporation is an international provider of digital solutions for video, audio, and IP data networks. Applications include IP data delivery, broadcast television, cable television, radio networks, business television, distance education, business music and financial information distribution. COMPEL, WEGENER's patented network control system provides networks with unparalleled ability to regionalize programming and commercials. COMPEL network control capability is integrated into WEGENER digital satellite receivers.
This press release on the "partnership" is a bit sparse on details right now, so it's hard to say whether this will have any real impact either in the US or abroad. Whether Teracom already has potential client networks signed up or this is just some kind of preemptive measure remains to be seen, but it's always newsworthy when such a large media company decides to throw their ring into the digital signage hat (and I'm really, really sorry for that terrible metaphor).

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