Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today's stupid press release: first company to ever introduce inexpensive, split-screen digital signage

This article gets a surprisingly large amount of traffic for what just amounted to a nasty rant against a plain vanilla press release way back in 2006. A lot of you seem to come here looking for inexpensive digital signage solutions, and not my overly-irritable take on some poor guy's attempt to get his company noticed. There are plenty of options out there, of course, but my two favorites are going to be our Digital Signage EasyStart package for smaller networks, and our enterprise FireCast package and digital signage software as a service (SaaS). Am I biased? You bet. Biased towards good stuff that does what it says and just works out-of-the-box :)

Here's the old content of this article, for historical purposes, if you're interested:

...Or at least that's what the author of this piece for StrandVision digital signage claims:
StrandVision LLC, a provider of Internet-based digital signage services based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, today introduced an optional split screen viewing enhancement to its Internet digital signage player here at infoComm06. StrandVision is the first digital signage provider offering inexpensive signage solutions (starting at $55/month) to introduce this level of player sophistication.
The available split screen enhancement enables administrators to easily select and set up multiple information feeds that can be displayed in a text crawl at the bottom of the screen or in a 60/40 split on the screen. Any of the three “regions” can be used to show promotional or informational messages, including user-inputted text, graphics, full video or live information, as well as feeds from StrandVision. Automated StrandVision feeds can include formatted local and national news and weather, and lifestyles feeds, such as trivia and thoughts of the day.
So I suppose that the hundreds of competing offerings that have been able to do this for years never quite showed up on the radar screens over at StrandVision HQ. As for price points, I know of at least one digital signage software package that has had screen-splitting capabilities for years, and comes in below StrandVision's $55/month...

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