Friday, August 11, 2006

Clear Channel Outdoor tries out digital billboards in Albuquerque

The press release pretty much says it all, so here's a big quote of it:

Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE:CCO) today announced the launch of a new network of digital LED outdoor displays in Albuquerque. The digital boards are the third installment of the company's digital billboard network, which also operates in Cleveland and Las Vegas.

The Albuquerque digital billboard network will display eight advertising spots, each eight seconds in length, over a 24-hour rotation, guaranteeing exposure 1,250 times for each client.

The ten 12 x 24 boards are strategically placed throughout the Albuquerque market, providing maximum visibility. Each unit is located in an area that experiences heavy daily traffic. The total network reach over the course of the day will exceed 280,000 Adults 18+.

"As our first poster-size digital network, Albuquerque will be an important step in furthering our knowledge of how best to deploy our digital networks," said Paul Meyer, Global President of Clear Channel Outdoor. "We are convinced that this new technology will enable our advertisers to reach their customers with dynamic displays that have unprecedented flexibility to change messages."

The Albuquerque digital billboard network is set to launch on August 30. Clear Channel Outdoor is on target to launch fully networked digital signage products in a total of four to six markets before the end of 2006.

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