Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Viacom to bring digital signage to the London underground

According to this article in the International Herald Tribune (which has one of the most annoying navigation interfaces that I've come across, fwiw), Viacom Outdoor will be investing over $130M in the coming year or so to outfit the London underground with more than 2,000 digital LCD screens and even devices that can project large moving images onto the curved sections of the tunnels (while no trains are there, presumably).

The article notes that, "Viacom's plans helped it secure a contract with the Underground in which the company expects to sell well over £1 billion of advertising over the next decade, said Tim Bleakley, managing director of Viacom Outdoor in Britain."

I know that the Toronto underground has had a fairly sizable digital sign deployment for a while, and there have been pilots in other big cities including Atlanta, New York and London, but this is certainly one of very few plans for full deployment. With Viacom's marketing muscle behind it, they might actually hit that billion dollar mark, too.

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