Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ipSigns says: WireSpring's 3-year digital signage budget estimate too low

Last week on our digital signage and interactive kiosk journal, I published an article called "An updated budget for digital signage and in-store TV systems" which updated an even older article from 2004 in which we attempted to figure out a rough budget for an average digital signage deployment. This being a somewhat touchy subject (and rightly so -- it's hard to figure out an "average" anything in this industry!), Terry Scannell from ipSigns took it upon himself to revise the estimate based on his firm's experiences in the area. His commentary was picked up in this article by aka.tv, and among other things notes some differences in how to account for various consulting fees, project management fees, network management fees, and the like.

His takeaway: our estimate of $8,250 to deploy and manage a single screen for 3 years is too low, by over $2,000. I think there's some confusion that needs to be addressed and some qualifications that need to be given here, so stay tuned for an update to the update of the budgeting article!

[UPDATE: 11/13/06] - I've written a more in-depth response to the commentary on budgeting for a digital signage project over at the WireSpring weblog.

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