Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting your digital signage network right the first time

Extended Retail Solutions recently interviewed POPAI CEO Dick Blatt on the status of at-retail media, and specifically the performance of POPAI's Digital Group, whose focus is on digital signage and other forms of retail digital media. ERS and Blatt touch on technology, content, and changing the perception of retail media in general, but Blatt is careful to mention (multiple times) that the keys to growth in the industry are creating a unified measurement system for retail signage, and getting media buyers and planners to be more comfortable with the medium.

As for the other points in the interview, Alexander Wiethoff at the NEXT Retail Experience has a great summary list. Here are his bullets (read his post for the insightful commentary :)

  1. Content is king.
  2. Make the network lively.
  3. Local buy-in is critical.
  4. In-store location is key.
  5. Make sure it's easy to update
  6. Closed loop systems are key.
  7. Don’t rely on SneakerNet.
  8. Employee oriented content is a powerful sales tool.
  9. Sell signage like end caps.
  10. Take advantage of low-cost, high-performance PCs.
  11. Make sure the platform you pick is scalable.
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