Thursday, April 19, 2007

Flat-panel TV brackets recalled

From the Buffalo News, of all places, comes this product recall. Anybody using these in a professional digital signage deployment should make sure they make the necessary modifications:

About 9,900 "Verge" flat-panel television tilt-mount brackets, imported by Circuit City Stores Inc., because the lock bar on the brackets could unfasten when an upward force is put on the attached television, causing the television to fall. The brackets are sold under the "Verge" label and have model numbers VPSW103M or VPSW103M2. This information is written on the packaging.

The brackets were sold at Circuit City stores around the country between September 2006 and April 2007. The brackets were sold individually and as part of installation packages. Circuit City has mailed a repair kit to consumers it was able to contact about the recall. Those who have not received the kit can contact Circuit City at 888-666-9897 or call a professional installer. For more information, visit or

Which reminds me... better go check out the ol' liability insurance policy.

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