Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trimax to acquire Cybersonics Technologies

From the oh-look-another-digital-signage-company file comes this announcement:

Trimax Corporation (OTCBB: TMXO), providers of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) communication technologies which transform a building's electrical wiring and all electrical outlets into a high-speed broadband network, announced today that it has signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of Cybersonics Sound Technologies Inc. Trimax anticipates the acquisition to close within the next four weeks. By acquiring Cybersonics, a revenue producing company, Trimax/PLC gains an experienced management and operations team with expertise developing international corporate broadcast networks and customized advertising for shopping centers, large retailers, auto dealerships and the hospitality industry. Cybersonics has over a decade of R&D expertise developing proprietary software and hardware communications technology for 'turn-key' web-based private broadcast networks.

Can't say I've encountered Cybersonics out there in the real world, but with our competitor list topping 330 companies worth watching right now, I'm not exactly surprised. Without having really done any research on either of these companies, it would seem that the acquisition is a good strategy for Trimax, since digital signage would be a good end application for all of that building-wide broadband that Trimax can pump through the power lines. It's much along the same lines as how Hughes (and every other satellite provider) suddenly got the retail media religion because it sucks up tons of bandwidth. Or how Cisco got into digital signage to sell more routers and switches for all of the data these networks require.

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Anonymous said...

This company is a sham. Every company that it acquires is a dead business with no revenue or real assets. Trimax has a history of buying these companys, pumping and dumping the stock, and then killing the business plan and starting all over. Just look at the history of many failed acquisitions.