Monday, July 23, 2007

AdSpace and Nielsen announce digital signage measurement results

Advertising Age has picked up some news that Adspace Networks and measurement giant Nielsen just finished yet another round of media measurement and were kind enough to release some summary results. For those of you who haven't encountered them before, Adspace places between 10 and 15 digital signs in upscale malls (they have about 75 by the most recent count), and sells advertising time to promote the mall's stores, local events, national brands, etc. Here are the salient results:

  • 47% of all mall traffic saw the ads on at least one Adspace screen
  • Of those 47% traffic views, the average person viewed an ad 3.3 times
Both firms tout these numbers as much more accurate than any similar metrics taken before (which is saying something, since Adspace has done this kind of research with Arbitron in the past).

The marketing-ese statistics from their website provide a bit more background:
  • Each month over 1 million consumers visit the average Type A mall (enclosed, larger than 700,000 square feet)
  • These mall shoppers are affluent, with Household Income nearly double that of the general population ($77K vs. $41K annual HHI)
  • Teen girls and boys, women 18-34, and men 18-24 index highest among mall visitors
  • Adspace malls reach tens of millions of consumers each month
With Nielsen's more generalized PRISM study on the way, and POPAI promising to release the results of it's in-store media measurement survey next quarter, it seems like we should start to see a whole host of useful information about consumption measurement and consumer behavior really soon now. Of course, we've heard these promises before, so personally I'm going to have to see it to believe it.

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