Thursday, August 30, 2007

Entertainment Execs Move To Out-Of-Home Advertising

Media Post Publications is reporting that major players in the world of entertainment are now accepting top positions with fast rising out-of-home advertising companies. According to the article, "[p]lace-based video is expanding its base. Shortly after the formation of the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau, and the launch of an initiative to create a new measurement currency, some of the nation's biggest place-based video networks are bulking up their ad sales forces.... One key move: hiring senior executives away from TV and big ad agencies."

Among the major hires the article lists is David Goldstein, who was formerly an executive at Walt Disney Pictures and MGM/UA. Goldstein will handle all film, television, home video, video game and music advertising for Premiere Retail Networks (who operates Wal-Mart TV and numerous other retail networks).

This is a good development for the out-of-home advertising market, as it bolsters not only the prestige and experience of its major execs, but also strengthens its link with above-the-line media and advertising outlets.

New York City-sized OOH advertising campaigns continue moving further out into the rest of the world trying to command viewer attention, whether on the road or at the mall. The decision by major execs in other industries is a big admission that media consuming habits are becoming splintered, and that traditional ways of reaching viewers no longer work on their own.

Most importantly (and hopefully), the more powerful creative types that join the OOH ad industry, the better our content will inevitably be. This should mean less spam, and more quality spots, which should also lead to a greater acceptance by the general public. By adding more and more OOH ads in places like corporate building elevators and even golf carts, the industry runs the risk of irritating viewers due to over exposure. But if the ads are done with the proper amount of creativity and regard for what exactly is going to capture the attention of audiences, that risk is significantly reduced.

The addition of greater creative talent will also bolster the visual impact that OOH media has. This means there'll soon be an end to content that looks like it was shot at night on your college roommate's camcorder, and the standardization around high-end digital HD content featuring well-scripted and edited shots. It could even open the gates for more powerful celebrity endorsements and featurettes. If the money and the pedigree is there, the big name celebs will soon follow. Stay tuned.

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