Friday, December 28, 2007

HSBC France rolls out digital signage

I had heard some rumors about more regional bank branch signage activity by HSBC, and Teller TV seems to confirm it's true, at least in France. According to their post,
"HSBC, and its subsidiary Societe Marseillaise de Credit, have
embarked on a networked digital signage rollout to their 160+ offices
across France. HSBC's premier banking offices in Paris will be the
first to receive the networked solution, and the remainder of the
network will receive treatment as branches are built and/or renovated.

has long maintained an in-branch TV network, distributing bank
advertising content via dvd's to screens located behind the teller
counter. According to an SMC marketing manager, the decision to move
forward with a networked solution was made based on the continued
reduction in technology costs, the need to simplify distribution, and
the desire to feature more time-sensitive information such as branch
It's encouraging to know that they've decided it's worthwhile to upgrade an existing DVD-based network, since it implies they understand the incremental value to using a networked and centrally-managed solution. I'm looking forward to learning about the types of time- and location-specific messages they plan to send out, since there has been a lot of interest in the financial sector lately, yet nobody seems to have a clear idea of how to most effectively use in-branch digital signage for marketing and merchandising.

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