Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The morning press - digital signage news for February 12

Here are some of today's interesting clips from the web:
  • PumpTop TV to join list of SeeSaw Networks' affiliates - PumpTop TV's network consists of more than 3,500 screens found at most major gas station brands in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego markets. Installations are currently taking place in Phoenix, with Dallas, Houston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston slated for later this year. The network today delivers over 2,000,000 measurable impressions per week, as measured by the number of monthly fuel transactions reported by gas retailers at their stations.
  • SeeSaw Aggregates 36 Digital Signage Networks - SeeSaw is now the most extensive network of digital out-of-home media with more than 22,000 venues nationally and growing. Through its network of affiliates, SeeSaw currently delivers more than 35 million weekly gross impressions.
  • Platt Institute presents results of financial digital-signage research - According to the article in Digital Signage Today; digital signage was effective in stimulating consumer-message awareness; customer satisfaction increased as a result and the research showed that bank productivity was positively impacted. DailyDOOH, via Digital Signage Today, though Adrian Cotterill doesn't necessarily agree with the report's ability to prove a causal relationship.
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