Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reactrix study measures interactive signage effectiveness

I don't think it's completely fair to say that the results of Reactrix's new study on their system's effectiveness are directly applicable to interactive kiosks or traditional digital signage networks, since their interactive projection wall thingies are unlike most other installations out there today. However, they play big in the customer experience space, and to that end their results are important in showing the effect that modifying the retail experience can have on advertising message recall.
Reactrix’s Arbitron study focused on two major consumer recording areas: observational, where an Arbitron employee would make note of consumer behavior from a-far, and one-on-one interviews, where an Arbitron employee would ask consumers why they made certain behavioral choices, making special notes regarding audience engagement, dwell time, visitor metrics and demographics. The results were staggering. Out of the 26 million plus mall based consumers who had an opportunity to see a Reactrix STEPscape display, (a number projected by Arbitron based on Reactrix 186 mall-based locations), 92% of them noticed or had their 'eyes-on'
it, 84% stopped to both look at and engaged with it, and 70% actually took the time to interact with it. These consumer 'opt in' statistics, revealed at a time in the industry when consumers are finding it easier and easier to 'opt out' or avoid ads, not only solidify Reactrix promise to clients as an interactive advertising medium but showcase the benefit brands get by placing ads on the innovative digital media network.
I'm not sure that glancing at a bright, shiny light counts as "opt-in." Jokes about ogling women aside, I'd be pretty ticked if that kind of behavior somehow got me listed on a newsletter list or qualified me for telemarketing calls (things I normally associate with being opted in). On the other hand, it'd be hard to argue that actually interacting with the device isn't an implicit opt-in, which is certainly noteworthy given the audience size that Reactrix is talking about (70% of 26 million is over 18 million people).

Of course, the unique nature of the Reactrix system means it's not going to be a reasonable solution in lots of places. In those cases, more traditional self-service and digital signage implementations make more sense (and are likely to get approved by management), so should you choose to rely on these efficacy numbers, your mileage may vary.

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