Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The morning press - digital signage news for February 26

Here are some of today's interesting clips from the web:
  • Restaurants try e-menus - Besides cutting costs, companies that sell the "e-menu" argue the bytes-for-bites approach has a novelty value that can lure younger customers, and boost revenues as tantalising photographs of succulent steaks and gooey desserts tempt diners to order more.

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Anonymous said...

With all the hype on global warming and going Green these days, where does digital signage fit with that new mentality in consumers? Will they be upset that Brand X is advertising on TV's that use power all day long? I realize that the latest equipment will be greener and greener as time goes on, but buying new sets all the time would be too expensive and still not address the possible consumer complaints. For the fanatics (hippies), no amount of power use would be acceptable. Is there some way for a digital signage operator to somehow "buy down" the energy usage by donating to a green cause or have some way to show that they have done something to address the carbon footprint of their digital signage. I worry that Green Armies will attempt boycott's of digital signage locations. Probably not now, but I'm paranoid of the coming years. Maybe someday, digital signage will be powered by a solar panel on the roof or something?