Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Virgin Megastores rolls out digital signage network

Given that their flagship store in New York City employs over 100 touchscreen kiosks alone, it's safe to say that Virgin Megastores isn't afraid of aggressive technology deployments. But while they've been big users of in-store video for a long time, Virgin's screens have always been powered by DVD players (and the occasional satellite stream). Looks like that's all about to change:
Virgin Megastores is rolling out 400 digital displays in 10 stores targeting customers 18 to 44. Digital content will include segments on new artists and new releases and in-store special events.
The network, called Virgin Mega TV, will feature titles for sale and in-store contest giveaways. In addition, the screens will offer text messaging sweepstakes and instant-saving offers, Anita Finifrock, senior marketing manager for Virgin Megastores, said.

The purpose it to “entertain the customers and enhance their shopping experience,” Finifrock said. “The screens can deliver a more dynamic show. Different sections can be programmed to air at specific times, to vary by location, and are able to be updated quickly.”

Virgin Mega TV will feature up to eight hours of content, which will repeat throughout the day, Finifrock said. Evision is creating the content for Virgin Megastores.
Wow. 8 hours is a lot of content. No word on how frequently it will be updated, but my guess is that they'll be throwing in all sorts of dynamic bits and pieces on a regular basis. It's also unclear whether the program will expand if the 10-store installation goes well (or what "goes well" even means). We'll keep a weather eye...

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