Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Articles I'm not going to get around to writing about

Every few weeks I find that my browser is cluttered up with so many tabs of articles that I hoped to write about, but never got around to.  Here are a few of the most recent, all of which deserved some attention, and are very much well worth a quick read:

10 Irrational Human Behaviors and How to Leverage Them to Improve Web Marketing - There are plenty of parallels to marketing on digital signs and other in-store media.

The Art of the Billboard, Due for a Comeback - "Modern billboards continue to stretch the envelope in innovative ways, using physical space and perspective to intrigue and inspire."

IAA Finds Advertisers Wary of Google - Advertisers are wary of google. Web site owners are wary of google. Consumers are wary of google. The government is wary of google. Tell me... is there anybody who isn't wary of google anymore? Should that maybe tell us something?

Boon for Billboards: Digital Leads Growth for Out-of-Home Ads - Ad Age says "advertisers are able to cut costs by repurposing their 30-second TV spots in new and different ways on screens in taxis, malls, gas stations and other venues. " No No No No No NO! Bad Ad Age!

Brands can benefit from the 'certainty principle' - I think I still will write about this one at Retail Media News - "when properly measured, the 'category ideal' and how brands measure up against it can be predictive of consumer behaviour some 9 to 18 months before it shows up in the marketplace."

Bad Times Affect Ad Recall for Bowl Spots - Stress makes us remember less, which is becoming a big problem for advertisers. Retail media has the benefit of recency and context specificity, but we're still not immune.

Google Halts Print Ads Program - Not everything they touch turns to gold.

Miller Mocks A-B With One-Second Ads - Thought we had it tough coming up with 3-7 second spots for retail TV networks? Miller's gonna do it in 1!

Great Ideas Come From Those Who Are Willing to Experiment - Stop Mining the Past for Inspiration.

Does Content Equal Revenue? - While "Content is King!" has become the general consensus, monetizing that content has become the question for the masses of content producers.

Winning in a Brave New World: Value and the Retailer - With shoppers spending less overall, shopping in new channels, trading down to lower-tier or private-label products, and clipping coupons, retailers across the board are positioning themselves as destinations for value.

I hope these articles proved as interesting to you as they did me. If you have any insightful commentary on them (since I didn't), feel free to leave your thoughts below. Or, blog about them yourself and send me the link!

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