Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two reminders: Digital Signage Contest Entry deadline is TOMORROW! (and take my survey!)

It's contest entry time!

So I mentioned a few days ago that POPAI's DS Contest deadline was looming. If you want to enter the contest (and you should), and you don't want to pay any late entry fees (and you shouldn't), make sure to get your entries in tomorrow.

Click here for the rules (or to start your online entry).

Click here to see the online video tutorial.

Don't forget to take our survey!

The other item I want to remind everyone about is the 2009 reader's poll going on at the WireSpring Digital Signage Blog. We've been blogging for a while -- about 5 years -- and we want to find out what we can do better. While the focus of the survey is the blog on, the suggestions we get about article types, etc. will certainly be reflected here too.

Click here to read the background article

Click here to just take the survey (it'll only take a minute -- I promise).

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