Friday, February 06, 2009

Digital Signage News Announces new Digital Signage Contest of the Year Contest!!!!!!

[3:00 UPDATE]: The comments are getting pretty entertaining. Make sure to read 'em all :)

Man of the year, woman of the year, display of the year, network of the year, best vendors, best screens, best installations....

These contests are getting even more elaborate and numerous than the number of companies in the digital signage industry itself (and that's really saying something). But maybe you find yourself saying, "sure, I could win any of those contests, but which one is the best?!!" Well, I wondered that very same thing.

That's why I'm announcing the first annual

Digital Signage Contest of the Year Contest!

That's right! We'll pick the very best digital signage contest, make a little website graphic for it, and maybe do a press release (so it looks official!) I'll bet you're as excited about it as I am! So hurry up and leave your vote today!


Anonymous said...

Finally Bill! Looking forward to this and the results! I do believe the results will be very respected by our peers, and official. I'll be looking out for your releases and tweets on this.

manolo almagro said...

Awesome idea - lets throw in free ego massages - oh wait, these folks get enough of that already...I love you bill!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about my Digital Signage Superhero of the Year award.

Anonymous said...

We can add this to Bill's DS contest contest = Ecrans d’or - French Golden Screen Awards 2009

Ethan Cheramie said...

All we really need are truly meaningful categories, like:

Best BLOWUP of the year award. Current nominees include Reactrix & most recently Transit TV.

Best FOOT-IN-MOUTH award. Obviously this can be broken into many subcategories.

Best "industry leader" award. For more info, see Hayne's post on 16:9 "So Many Leaders"

Best "DSE Party". Since we're all too "prudent" to have $1mm launch parties like the glory days of yore, perhaps let's see who can top Broadsign's party at the Palms last year.

I'm sure there's many more we can add. Open this one up and they'll come flowing in!

Barnaby Page said...

In the self-congratulatory spirit of these things, surely the Digital Signage Contest of the Year Contest should name itself as winner?