Friday, February 13, 2009

The morning press - digital signage news for February 4

Morning, folks. Yeah, I've over-extended myself again. Sorry for the lack of posts. Craving digital signage news? I have a few odds and ends for you, then:

  • Mature Adults Gravitate to Vibrant, Single-Image Ads says strategy firm Creative Results. The results aren't particular to digital signage, but in my opinion, that gives them even more credibility than if they were. Looks like all of us taking the "full screen, damnit" position weren't completely off our rockers... Maybe.
  • "12 months from now you won't be able to get a buy if you can't quote an OVAB standard measurement," says Adcentricity's Graeme Spicer. I suspect he's talking about a national or regional buy by a major brand. Hyper-local advertising will have no such problem. And small, local brands and services still make up the majority of DOOH advertising dollars (excluding Walmart's network, as usual).
  • Denny's Launches Digital OOH Network - Supposedly to support "marketing initiatives such as its Rockstar Menu." I'll be interested to see how their content strategy evolves over time.
  • Lamar's Testing Solar-Powered Digital Billboards, favoring solar cells and light-reflecting e-ink instead of traditional LEDs. The solution requires much lower power, but of course also requires daylight (or power-sucking spotlights) to be seen.

  • Mike Dotson has an insightful commentary on the state of retail technology over at Retail Bulletin. In sum, cost-reducing solutions like advanced planning and automation tools will continue to sell well through the recession. Anything aimed at "driving sales" will have a tougher time.

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