Thursday, March 26, 2009

The morning press - digital signage news for March 26

Hi folks.  Back from my travels (which have been seriously cutting into my blogging time), but like usual Adrian and Dave have been covering most of the news fit to "print".  Still, it wouldn't be the web if every crackpot out there wasn't throwing his two cents in, right?  So without further ado, here are mine.

POPAI's Digital Signage Contest went off without a hitch at GlobalShop this week. The Digital Display of the Year winner, MODERNISTIC, did a pretty awesome "living standee" using 3M's Vikuity holographic projection film and put the thing in the Mall of Americas. While technically the piece was quite simple (project an image of a living, talking, sales-pitching person onto a person-shaped piece of film, the results were spectacular, and apparently people were showing up to the still unfinished Best Buy store just because the projection told them to (oops!).

AdAge's Mediaworks section examines the best print ads of 2008. I've been telling people for years that designing great digital signage content is a lot like designing great print content, so take a minute or two to see what it takes to qualify as the latter.

One legislator has decided that her idea of justice and the rule of law extends out to those annoying TV commercials that blare on at much higher volumes than the shows they play between. I think that legislating the content inside of TV commercials is a very slippery slope. I'd prefer to let public interests prevail. And if that means forcing Billy Mayes and the Shamwow! guy fight to the death on live TV, all the better.

PRN says: people actually watch our checkout channel! What's more, they remember it (well, they cite 60% average recall, with some cases in the 90% range). RetailWire has an awesome conversation thread on the topic, with posters varying in opinion from "I think they're lying" to "see, I told you this stuff worked!"

Ripple TV raised another $4M in venture capital. While a win for any network is still a win for all of us (not in the sense that you or I actually get $4M, sadly), the press release doesn't indicate whether they're using that cash to expand, or merely to fund operations. The former would be exciting. The latter... not so much. The PR makes mention of a "high growth trajectory" and using the investment to "continue providing a value service to our viewers," so my guess is that they're still burning cash (which may well be part of their plan).

Finally, WireSpring finished our new website for FireCast Digital Signage EasyStart, our easy and affordable solution for smaller projects.  It's a new product for us -- the first in about 8 years -- so we're pretty excited about it.  I'm sure Adrian and his crew at DailyDOOH will scoop us on the release, somehow.

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