Sunday, April 19, 2009

Digital signage news - the week in review

Well, the economy may still suck, but business in the digital signage world continues to hum along. This past week's total lack of posts -- the first time that has happened to me in a loooong while -- is a testament to that. Even the WireSpring blog would have gone sans-updates had Adcentricity's Graeme Spicer not stepped up to the plate.

There were plenty of interesting news bits to talk about.  Haynes mentioned Neo Advertising's foray into the US market and has a neat article on the kind of data that Cognovision's face-tracking system can generate (and even the introduction of the ION platform which of course I covered way back in January ;) And as usual, Adrian and his team covers all the news fit to print on DailyDOOH, so really I don't need to cover any of that stuff.  However, that still leaves me with a few dozen tabs opened on my browser, each containing an interesting article useful and relevant to our industry.  Here are a few:

  • PROMO takes a look at "the convergence of retail and digital" in an article from a few weeks ago. Not a huge amount of new information here, but if your clients are looking for opinions from non-digital companies, you could steer them to it (written by Morgan McAlenney, from the very retail-savvy Integer Group).
  • In a somewhat surprising about-face, Conde` Nast discovered that magazine and TV ads may be more effective than online ads, as explained at MarketingCharts. The experiment is pretty specific, and there's no claim that the trend would carry over to other digital media, but if you're one of those people who thinks that improved targeting automatically yields improved effectiveness, you should check this article out.
  • In-Store Ads are More Effective than Out-of-Store, according to a recently online survey conducted by Miller-Zell. Marketing Charts again has a synopsis (and pictures) as good or better than the document that MZ released themselves.
  • Jameson Irish whisk(e)y had a pretty neat quasi-interactive outdoor campaign running a few weeks ago, which was caught on video (thanks adverblog):
  • AdAge heralds the end of consumer segmentation. What's going to replace it? Uh... selfsegmentation, which is basically the same thing, but asks consumers to do more of the heavy lifting for marketers.
  • Not quite digital, not quite static, this OLED poster from Dai Nippon is just cool to look at. And cheaper than a big LCD screen, too. Oh, and it's flexible.

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Oh thanks so much for sharing this..Now i ahve lots of sources for me to read on Digital Sigange, your blog will be one of them of course! :)

Andrew Gant said...

Jameson's advertising is genius! Very entertaining. Great post!