Thursday, April 02, 2009

Disney's UP advertises the big screen on really small screens

I came across this neat little application at Stitch Kingdom -- not exactly one on my regular reading list. As Brad, the post's author, notes:

 "I found this gem of an ad for UP in the movie theater I was at this evening. When you push a button and peek inside the binoculars, it plays a mini-trailer complete with audio."

That's pretty slick, and a markedly different approach to using digital media in theaters than most.  Typically, screens are as big and as bright and as centrally-located as possible in order to attract eyeballs.  But the situation is turned upside down here, with the unique fixed display doing the attracting. Viewing the digital media is a decidedly one-at-a-time affair.

The movie looks like it'll be pretty cool, too.

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