Saturday, May 09, 2009

This week's world of digital signage news

There were some interesting bits and pieces in the news this week, most of which have been covered by the usual suspects already.

One of the articles I've been meaning to write a thoughtful piece around is this one from early April by Three Minds @ Organic. In their usual thorough fashion they question whether privacy is a threat to accuracy when it comes to serving ads online.  Needless to say it can be argued both ways, and of course from my perspective the bigger question is what happens when you trade privacy for increased ad accuracy offline -- namely in digital out-of-home formats?

Chris Hoyt talks about touching the shopper marketing "Elephant" in an article for HUB Magazine. He notes that, "Shopper marketing is today’s marketing elephant — not only because of its size or its power — but because all of the confusion about what it really is reminds us of the parable of the blind men and the elephant." Excellent article, well worth a quick read.

Nielsen Research has shown the Outcast pump-top network (which I still think is a pretty silly name) to be effective, generating a 75% ad recall rate. 90% of patrons indicated they noticed the screens at all, which is very high for any form of out-of-home advertising. Further, 76% found Outcast "entertaining," 72% said they consider it a good source of product information and 71% said the screens improve pumping dwell time. I've heard far more anecdotal complaints than praise for pump-top networks, but of course a handful of personal notes and the like can't stand up to a rigorous, data-driven study (provided it was fair, balanced and well-controlled, of course).

UK Outdoor ad specialist Kinetic introduced new guidelines for OOH,
putting outdoor exposure into the categories of transit, microdwell and dwell, relating to how people are moving when they see ads. I don't have the slightest idea of what those new guidelines might actually be. Maybe Adrian at DailyDOOH can find out for us.

Captivate network, the largest network of in-elevator and high-rise office building digital signage (in North America) continues to expand their online presence and capabilities.  I've mentioned before how much I like the approach that they're taking, so it's very encouraging to see that they're getting results good enough to bother expanding the capability. Specifically, "The [new website],, is the first step in a multi-platform strategy that will embrace mobile advertising content. Office workers who saw ads for on the digital network did go online to access the games and additional content, along with special offers and sweepstakes, says Mike DiFranza, founder and president of Captivate Network." In fact, 55% of people who saw new stories on Captivate's elevator network went online to read more, while 52% did so to check out an advertiser website.

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