Thursday, April 21, 2005

Digital Signage and Electronic Paper

This isn't big news, but is cool, and will probably be a serious display technology for digital signage in the not-too-distant future (when they work out issues about color and resolution):

"The SyncroSign Message Board by Gyricon (and Xerox PARC) uses SmartPaper, an electronic paper technology to provide scheduled content changes to one or multiple signs, across the network. Among its features are 802.11b and wireless interface, auto-sensing power source, and programmable message content."

For those who haven't seen this before, smart paper is basically made of an electrostatic ink embedded between two layers of transparent or colored plastic. Like LCDs, you can control which "pixels" appear black and white by applying a charge to that specific area. However, unlike LCDs, once you've changed the paper's configuration, you don't need to supply it with power until you want to change it again.

There's a much better explanation at this article, from the MIT Advertising Lab.

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