Friday, July 15, 2005

Introduction to 3D digital signage

I have to agree with Sound & Video's Jeff Sauer when he says:

"Novelty... is hardly a bad thing when it comes to advertising and being noticed, and I can certainly appreciate that as a one-time marketing professional. That makes Philips' expected introduction of 3D-capable LCD panels for digital signage an intriguing development in the world of 3D. Philips' new Multiview Lenticular technology will allow viewers to experience the 3D effect from a wide variety of viewing angles, all without the need for any of those silly glasses.

"Without a product yet, Philips is certainly a long way from establishing pricing for this future 3D LCD panel. However, Philips concedes that it's reasonable to assume a price premium for including the 3D technology with a panel. The actual premium over the cost of a regular 42in. panel — whether it's 3X, 6X, or some other factor — will be a function of demand, economies of scale, and a yet-to-be-determined business and distribution model.

"Still, digital signage and 3D are two technologies that have been gaining a fair amount of momentum lately. The combination of the two could be a perfect fit in a world where novelty matters."

Read the rest of the (highly technical) article here.

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