Friday, August 05, 2005

CTX entering the digital signage business

"CTX Technology Corporation today announced the launch of a new digital signage product line, targeted to provide an effortless solution for the presentation and remote management of digital advertising content at anytime, anywhere!

"'Digital signage is IN,' exclaimed Jim Chen, CEO at CTX. 'Many indicators show growing sales opportunities for digital signage. According to iSuppli/Stanford Resources, the worldwide retail signage market for displays is expected to grow a whopping 29 percent annually to $2.35 billion in 2009.' Whether it is at retail stores, banking kiosks, quick-service restaurants, or pubic transportation terminals, visual merchandising has taken on a whole new meaning due to today's easy accessibility to low cost, high-bandwidth networks. 'Digital signage is definitely here to stay!' commented Nelson Tsay, Sr. Director at CTX.

"To accommodate different settings and system needs, CTX offers three types of bundled solutions: MediaView(TM), SmartView(TM), and IntelliView(TM). All three solutions are available both in open frame and chassis versions."

The rest of the press release can be found here.

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