Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Digital Signage Firm Focus Media Acquires Commercial Location Advertising Company

Do you know who Focus Media is? If you read this blog or are involved in the digital signage industry, you should. And if you don't:

"Focus Media operates the largest out-of-home advertising network in China using audiovisual flat-panel displays based on the number of locations and number of displays in its network. As of June 30, 2005, Focus Media had 35,710 display units in our commercial location network and in-store network throughout China. Flat-panel audiovisual displays are placed in high traffic areas, such as elevator lobbies of commercial buildings, retail chain stores, beauty parlors, karaoke parlors and golf country clubs. Over 900 international and domestic advertisers have placed advertisements through our networks as of June 30, 2005."

They recently announced, "the acquisition of Shenzhen Bianjie Commercial Location Advertising Company, an local audiovisual advertising network operator in Shenzhen.

"Shenzhen Bianjie Commercial Location Advertising Company currently operates its audiovisual advertising network in 54 commercial locations in Shenzhen. Under the terms of transaction, Focus Media has acquired a 100% equity stake in the company. Shenzhen Bianjie Commercial Location Advertising Company will also transfer all of its rental contracts with its existing property owners to Focus Media.

"Through this acquisition, Focus Media will further strengthen its network coverage in Shenzhen."

Their press release has the rest of the information.

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