Tuesday, August 30, 2005

GlobeSt. Retail gives a primer on digital signage

Real estate and retail e-zine GlobeSt. Retail just released this article that gives an introduction to digital signage for those not yet familiar with the industry. It features quotes from me, so how can it be bad :)

Here's a clip:

"Hardly new, digital signage, which, to a low-tech person, translates to full-motion video versus “static signage,” is still in the early stages of development and it is proliferating rapidly. Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Albertson’s, CompUSA, Dick’s Sporting Goods and some Simon Properties’ malls, are among those with systems already in use."
Traditional advertising reaches people at home in hopes of luring them to a store to buy a product. But print readership is down, and with the advent first of mute buttons and now TiVO, more and more people are tuning out commercials. Consequently, advertisers are moving ad dollars to people while they are in the store and finding out that the closer the prospect is to the point of sale, the higher the return."

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