Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Minicom Audio/Video Hardware Runs Bar&Club Digital Signage System

Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading provider of audio/video distribution systems for the last mile in digital signage, revealed today that Switzerland's screenIMAGE uses Minicom hardware exclusively in its digital signage applications. screenIMAGE (www.screenimage.ch) is one of the largest A/V integrators in Switzerland, and the only to provide complete turnkey digital signage installations.

When they started the famous "Bars&Clubs Channel" project, the digital signage market almost didn't exist. The bars weren't willing to lay out money for an unproven, new technology. With many digital signage integrators still toying with different pricing models, screenIMAGE, began generating profits by following a business plan that involved partnering.

The Bars&Clubs Channel system uses Minicom's CAT5 Video Display System (VDS) in the locations to display content to spectators. Content is delivered via TCP/IP to 350,000 customers in 50 Bars and Clubs all over Switzerland each month. Thin CAT5 cable discretely transfers the content in real time, without loss of screen quality, to small VDS remotes, behind the displays.

"Our video-over-CAT5 distribution system helps amplify the power of digital advertising, which attracts more attention than static signs, and can increase sales anywhere between 30% and 100%," said Eran Kessel, Minicom's Vice President of Marketing.

Read the rest of the press release here.

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