Tuesday, August 09, 2005

UnoLink deploys digital signage to Caracas hospital

From their press release:

"Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, the most technologically advanced health institution in Venezuela, is the first hospital to install 'Vida', a digital dynamic entertainment and advertising network created by UnoLink. Fourteen 42-inch, high definition plasma screens installed in 8 different areas of the hospital display entertainment and relevant health-related information to patients and patrons while they wait. This channel has been fully functional 24/7 as of March 2005. It represents the first multimedia network of its kind to be installed in Latin America.

"'Vida' (Life), offers exclusive programming that is managed via the Internet using Scala's InfoChannel® software. Original content - created in a joint effort with TV production powerhouse Canal Uno — includes health information, music videos, local and international news, as well as segments on arts and entertainment, comedy, beauty, quotes and advertising. Video and sound have been carefully tailored to the specific wait areas in the hospital to keep their full impact while avoiding the disruption of normal operations.

"According to Eduardo Baptista, the Operations Manager for H.C.C., the impact this system has generated on the visiting public has been very favorable: 'UnoLink has provided a versatile system that offers different programming, congruent to the location of each screen. UnoLink has also supplied the hospital with a powerful communications tool that creates a medium in which we can reach our patients, their families and visitors in general with a programming format tailored to the needs of the institution'."

You can find the complete article here.

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