Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pharmaceutical companies advertise on out-of-home, place-based networks

Reminding us that not all digital signage networks are of the remotely-managed variety is AFMN, who distributes DVDs to doctors offices and other health-related locations every month. Apparently, things aren't going so badly for them:

AFMN, Inc. (Pink Sheets:AFNN) and its subsidiary, African American Medical Network, Inc. ... anticipates that it will be receiving more advertising placements from pharmaceutical companies due to a shift that is occurring in the advertising industry that will likely allocate more advertising dollars to place-based media companies like African American Medical Network.

Referring to a recent article by Bob Ehrlich of DTC Perspectives, Inc. that pointed to an on-going shift away from traditional allocations directed at network television, to the desire of drug marketers to reach consumers at the point-of-care, and to a predicted 500% growth rate in the point of care business over the next five years, the Company's President Charles Richardson suggested, "We are gratified to see that someone else has seen this positive shift that is occurring in the advertising industry. We have watched this happening for some time now. And with more agencies and companies looking to target this type of captive audience, we are in the perfect position to meet their needs."

If you want to, you can read all about it here :)

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