Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kroger deploying digital signage network

As reported here by Internet Retailer (and commented upon by myself in "Kroger launches digital signage / in-store TV network"), supermarket chain Kroger is teaming up with IBN to deploy digital signage systems to their 2,500 grocery stores throughout the US. Here's some additional information from the press release:

The system, provided by In-Store Broadcasting Network, will let Kroger coordinate messages channeled through in-store TV and radio networks, both supported by IBN, said Evan Anthony, vice president of marketing and advertising for Kroger. The system complements Kroger`s existing in-store music-programming network also provide by IBN. “For the first time, we can combine in-store radio and TV to deliver what we call perfect media, with multiple channels in each store displaying fun, exciting and relevant content focused exclusively on our customers,” he said.

In-Store Broadcasting Network`s programming is housed locally on a server at each location, and IBN’s proprietary scheduling and delivery software enables each server to receive new content as often as necessary over the Internet.

IBN will install the network over the next 18 months. Once completed, Cincinnati-based Kroger expects it to serve 68 million in-store shoppers each week with information ranging from new product announcements and prices to cooking recipes.

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