Friday, August 12, 2005

Sainsbury's ponders second digital signage network

From RedNova:

"[UK retailer] Sainsbury's is considering rolling out an in-store TV network throughout its convenience store business, following a successful trial in its Sainsbury's at Jacksons subsidiary.

"The retailer is holding discussions with network and content providers about a wider roll-out. Sainsbury's has 262 convenience stores under the Jacksons and Sainsbury's Local brands.

"According to sources, it is unlikely that Sainsbury's will use its Fresh TV format, which is being trialled separately in its superstores, for its convenience network.
"The 110-store chain completed the installation of its network, which displays public information, music videos and 10-second ads, in June. It is managed by Firebrand Media.

"The Jacksons tests revealed a sales uplift of between 5% and 45% on products advertised, with the greatest increase recorded on sales of a beer brand.

"In contrast, trials for rivals Asda and Tesco's in-store TV have contributed to sales increases of about 10%."

There's a lot of good information in this article. Go here to read it.

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