Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Digital signage connects churchgoers

BroadcastEngineering is carrying this article about using digital signage to connect multiple branch churches together to share instructional and motivational content, e-learning content and even live sermons from popular or visiting ministers:

First launched at a high school in 2003, Duluth, GA-based Cross Pointe, the Church at Gwinnett Center, needed effective ways to communicate with its fast-growing congregation. With upwards of 1600 people attending its weekly services, Cross Pointe wanted to go beyond projecting video and PowerPoint slides on its large screens as it transformed a warehouse into its first house of worship. After attending a trade show, a church volunteer recommended augmenting the facility’s live video with live in-service graphics and more sophisticated programmed audio and visual content.
Apparently the system is also used as a digital bulletin board, displaying church notices and schedules when not in use showing other types of content. Interesting use of the technology.

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