Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dixon's in-store TV network works on ad sales

Media Week tells us that, "Dixons Group is opening up its in-store television network in 570 Currys and Dixons stores nationwide to third-party advertisers. Dublin-based Ads in Store, which manages the in-store TV network for the electronics and household appliances retailer, has appointed PH4 as the sales house. The deal comes in the same week as Dixons axed its in-store radio contract with Immedia Broadcasting and coincides with a wider review of all in-store media arrangements. Programming will be shown on all the screens on display in the stores and each 15 to 20-minute loop will include four minutes of separate commercial airtime, to be sold by sales house PH4."

PH4 apparently sells advertising on a number of European digital signage networks, so this shouldn't be too new for them. You can learn about them here.

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